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Java, Mottled:

The Java is a breed of chicken originating in the United States. Despite the breed's name, which comes from the island of Java, it was developed in the U.S. from chickens of unknown Asian extraction. It is one of the oldest American chickens, forming the basis for many other breeds, but is critically endangered today. Javas are large birds with a sturdy appearance. They are hardy, and are well-suited for both meat and egg production, especially by small-scale farms, homesteads, and backyard keepers.

After the Dominique, the Java is the oldest breed of chicken created in the U.S.Though its name would suggest a Javan derivation, it is not known exactly where in Asia its ancestors came from. It was first mentioned in print in 1835, but it is thought to have been present well before this time. Javas were especially notable as meat production birds throughout the 19th century, with their popularity peaking in the latter half of that century.


Javas are heavy chickens. They have a very long, broad back and a deep breast, which makes for a solid, rectangular build. They have small earlobes and medium size combs and wattles, all of which are red in color. Javas have singe combs, but they have a shape which suggests the influence of a pea-combed breed in their development.

Javas appear in three color variations today: Black, "MOTTLED", and White. The Mottled have mostly yellow skin, with horn colored beaks. The plumage of the Mottled is a black base with white markings on the tips of feathers, which imparts a spotted appearance.

Utility Aspects:

Javas are valued for their dual-purpose characteristics. Though they are slow-growing compared to the broilers used by the commercial chicken industry today, they produce a good carcass. Hens lay a respectable amount of large, brown eggs and will go broody. Javas are particularly known as good foragers, needing less supplementary feed than many breeds when allowed to free range. Like many large breeds, they are known to be docile in temperament, and hardy in inclement weather. In general, Javas are particularly suitable for keepers of smaller flocks who require a good dual-purpose chicken.


The hens weigh around 6.5+ pounds and the cocks weigh around 9.5 pounds.


Hens lay a respectable amount of large, brown eggs and will go broody.

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Chick, Java, Mottled

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