Olive Egger


Size: Standard


Comb: Varies

Popular Use: Eggs and meat

: None recognized, as this is not a standard breed

: Varies

Skin Color
: Varies

Weight: Usually large, but varies based on breeding




Are similar to Ameraucanas, Araucana chickens because both have pea combs, but they are completely different breeds. Traits include full tails, muffs, beards, and slate or black legs depending on the variety. Bantam cocks weigh 30 ounces and bantam hens weigh 26 ounces while large fowl cocks weigh 6½ pounds and large fowl hens weigh 5½ pounds. Ameraucanas are typiclly well mannered, also making good pets for children.



Hens around 5.5 pounds, and roosters 6.5 pounds.

Egg Color: Olive green

Egg Size: Large

Laying Habits: 150-200 eggs would make a good year

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Chick, Olive Egger

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