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Red are the typical colors of these birds' feathers. They are the Red Cornish Cross: Slow Grow.

Most Broiler chickens follow traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods to ensure the highest quality chicken possible. Giving chickens free range allows them to move around opposed to caged chickens, which results in a more nutritious and better tasting chicken.

Does not compare with the store-bought alternatives.


Live Ready Weight Choices:

  • 2 to 3lbs [Cornish game hen]
  • 3 to 4lbs
  • 4 to 6lbs
  • 6lbs+
  • Let them grow out even longer for more weight...


Save your bones!  Whole chickens make amazing bone broth, For recipe learn more [Here



Additional Service

The service continues long after you get your new chicks home.  There is plenty of information on the East County Zoo's site.  But, if for any reason you need additional help please contact us at any time by Call/Text/Email...




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Cornish Cross, Red: Organic

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