White Cornish Cross Fast Grow
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Raised On: ORGANIC FEED - GMO Free

Gender: Straight-Run 50/50 male/female


Perfect for raising your own bird to table

White are the typical colors of these birds' feathers. They are the FAST growing Cornish Cross, it takes them four to eight weeks, depending on growing conditions, to grow to the desired body weight.

Most White Broiler chickens follow traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods to ensure the highest quality chicken possible. Giving chickens free range allows them to move around opposed to caged chickens, which results in a more nutritious and better tasting chicken.

Fast growing Cornish Cross chicks have an increased appetite and need to be feed-restricted to prevent them becoming overweight. They are highly motivated to eat at all times, you must mangage feeding times.  A little different then raising your typical chick, for this reason some try the Slow Growing Cornish Cross that is perfect for beginers.

Ready Weight:

  • Cornish Game hen at   2 to 3lbs  Price will reflect   $15.00
  • Cornish Broilers at       4 to 6lbs  Price will reflect    $20.00
  • Let them grow out even longer for more weight...




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Cornish Cross, White - Fast Grow

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