Eggs, Cornish Cross Slow Grow


Perfect for raising your own bird to table, Sustainable living...

White with Some spotting and Red coloration's are the typical colors of these chicks feathers. They are slower growing than the Fast Growing Cornish Cross, it takes them eleven to twelve weeks to grow to four or five pounds+. However, due to this they have fewer health problems than the Cornish hybrids and can live in a free range environment.

ECZ Slow Grow Broilers are said to possess a better flavor than the industrial Cornish hybrids, because of the more traditional methods used to raise them.

Most ECZ Broiler chickens follow traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods to ensure the highest quality chicken possible. Giving chickens free range allows them to move around opposed to caged chickens, which results in a more nutritious and better tasting chicken.

Raise them along side your other chickens.  Don't have to worry about over feeding them or any of the other health issues that come with the fast growing cornish.  Perfect for beginners.


Ready Weight:

  • Cornish Game at 2.5lbs
  • Cornish Broilers at 4 to 5lb+
  • Let them grow out even longer for more weight...

Feed Consumption:

12 to 17lbs per bird.

Recommended feed schedule

  • Chick starter grower for the first 4 to 5 weeks
  • Chick Finisher Pellet after 4 to 5 weeks


Yes, Large and brown, but few compared to standard layers

  • Item #: E-CCSGECZ

Eggs, Cornish Cross Slow Grow

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