Local pick-up available by appointment only. Call/Text  619.201.5257

Eggs, Barnyard Mix
Eggs, Barnyard Mix

Barn Yard Mix of: Silkies Dominique Barred Rock Black Plymouth Rock White Plymouth Rocks Rhode Island Red Sex-Links Black Star & Red Star Ameraucanas / Easter Egger Chicken Polish BARN YARD MIX: Free-Range and Day-Range Roosters and Hens ....


 Local pick-up available by appointment only. Call/Text  619.201.5257619.201.5257


FREE SHIPPING on poultry egg orders that meet the minimum requirements.  some orders can be mixed quantities of eggs as long as the total quantity meets the minimum requirements in order to ship on shipping day.  Please contact us for more details.

Minimum order requirements for free shipping:

  • Eggs: 12 - Any type, mix orders.

"Let us know what ship day works best for you"


We try our best to do everything we can on our side but due to the unpredictable possibilities during shipment and incubation that is out of our control we apologize in advance that Hatch Rate cannot be guaranteed.  Due to this we will always ship at least "2" more eggs then purchased in case of any unfortunate events. 


If you have any questions or need any help with eggs onced received please let us know, we like to help!