Gosling, White Roman Tufted Goose
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White Roman Tufted Goose

The Roman goose is an Italian breed of domestic goose. It is said to be one of the oldest breeds of goose, bred more than 2000 years ago and originally sacred to the Goddess Juno. In the modern period, it is kept for a range of purposes depending on location. It is a popular exhibition breed in North America, where it is more commonly known as the tufted Roman goose and possesses a crest. In Europe, it is primarily kept as a utility meat breed, while in Australia, they are used for both purposes. Crests are optional in Europe and Australia.


Its plumage is usually white and it has a small tuft on top of its head. Its eyes are blue, the legs are reddish-orangeand the bill is pinkish with a white bean.

Tufts or crests appear fairly often in Roman Geese. In the APA Standard the tuft is required, although nontufted birds are common in the Britain yet rare in the United States.


This is a lighter boned variety that weighs between 10 and 12 pounds

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Gosling, White Roman Tufted Goose

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