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Baby Guineas, which are known as keets, are very active and easy to raise. After about 4 weeks of age they require very little attention and will take care of themselves by foraging for their food.  Learn more... [Here]

Guinea Keets

Available: June+


Looking for an assortment of Guinea colors?

Pearl White Coral Lavender French, Choose Hatchery Choice

    Typically Takes 28 days to hatch out

    But there may be incubators hatching out the breed type you want as early as a few days.  Please let us know if we can help find the hatch date that works best for you.


    When alarmed can be very loud.

    "The watch dog"

    Although most have guinea fowl for the purpose of insect control but they also make really good watch dogs by sounding an alarm whenever they are disturbed. Guinea fowl are useful for warding off hawks, falcons, fox , rodent control and will actually kill a snake if threatened. Because of their independent and wild nature, guinea fowl are an easy addition to any flock.




    Minimum order requirements to ship safely.  Live shipment can only be shipped on hatch day.

    Chicks: 25     Bantams: 30

    Turkeys: 20       Ducks: 15

    Guineas: 30       Geese: 8

    Eggs: 12