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The Houdan or Poule de Houdan is an old French breed of domestic chicken. It is named for its area of origin, the commune of Houdan, in the département of Yvelines to the west of Paris. The Houdan has an unusual butterfly-shaped comb, and is one of few breeds to have five toes rather than the usual four.


The origins of the Houdan breed are unknown; as they predate modern agricultural writing, little can be said with certainty. The breed was described in detail in 1858.The Houdan combines a number of distinctive features, which in the nineteenth century gave rise to speculation about the breeds that might have contributed to its development.The Crèvecœur or perhaps the Polish is suspected to have given the Houdan its crest, and either the Dorking or the native five-toed fowl of France is thought have to resulted in the Houdan's five toes (most chickens have only four).

It was first imported into England in 1850, and to North America in 1865, where it appeared in the first edition of the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.


Houdans have small earlobes and wattles hidden by the crest and feather bearding. Their combs are V-shaped in the American standard, and butterfly-shaped in the British, Australian and French standards.

In terms of plumage, the Houdan comes in two common color varieties: White and Mottled (black with white spotting). The white color was a later development.


Originally a dual-purpose fowl kept for both eggs and meat, and for part of the 1800s one of France's main meat breeds, the Houdan today is primarily a rare show bird. However, with a fairly quick rate of maturation and the ability to lay a respectable number of white eggs, it is still occasionally kept in backyard flocks. It is classified as a light breed. Cocks weigh 2.5–3 kg and hens 2–2.5 kg. A bantam Houdan was created in Britain in the 1940s, and further developed in Germany.


A fair number of white eggs

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Houdan, Mottled

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