Cuckoo Maran
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Hatched: 4/24/13

Gender: Female

Cuckoo Marans

is a breed of chicken originating in France. It is a medium breed compared to others, popular for poultry shows and is a dual purpose fowl known both for its extremely dark eggs as well as for its very fine meat qualities.


Marans are generally quiet and docile; but they are quite active, taking well to free ranging in rough terrain and are also tough and disease-resistant. They were originally bred in the marshy areas of France and can cope with damper conditions.  Marans are an historically dual-purpose bird, prized not only for their dark eggs but for their table qualities as well.


Marans lay around 150 dark brown eggs each year. [Picture shown is only an example.  Dark Egg color vairies]

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Maran, Cuckoo

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