Organic, Diatomaceous Earth - food grade - OMRI Certified 5lbs.

Diatomaceous Earth - food grade - OMRI certified

Many people establish backyard flocks because they want chemical- and pesticide-free meat and eggs. However, whether you have an urban flock in your backyard or a pastured flock in the country, your chickens are at risk from parasites. If you are interested in nonchemical parasite control for your chickens, you have probably heard of diatomaceous earth, or DE as it is commonly called. Diatomaceous earth, which is as fine as talcum powder, consists of the fossilized skeletons of tiny plankton called diatoms. When applied to dust baths and food, diatomaceous earth will help protect your poultry from mites, lice and worms.


  • Fill scoop with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle the DE generously on the ground inside the coop. Cover with shavings.
  • Refill scoop with DE. Sprinkle layers of DE into the nestboxes between layers of hay.
  • Apply a small amount of diatomaceous earth with your scoop to their dusting areas or dust boxes.
  • Use your scoop to apply a small amount of diatomaceous earth to their water to help inhibit algae growth, especially during hot   summer months.
  • Fill your scoop with DE and sprinkle generously on any manure piles to help keep flies down.
  • Use your scoop to add about a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth for every gallon of dry feed and mix well if you do not choose to allow them to free-feed DE.
  • Use your scoop to sprinkle a perimeter of DE around any food bins.
  • Use your flour sifter or sieve to apply a generous sprinkling of food-grade diatomaceous earth into each chicken's feathers to help kill or prevent external parasites.

Tips and Warnings:

Diatomaceous earth works because the sharp edges of the fossilized diatoms make microscopic slices through the exoskeletons of mites and lice or the soft skin of worms. Then, because it is a desiccant, it dehydrates the parasites. Consequently, worms do not build up immunity to DE, and it does not need to be rotated with other treatments.

  • Every time it rains, reapply your DE after the ground has dried.
  • Do not allow young chicks to breathe dust from diatomaceous earth.
  • Diatomaceous earth can be harmful if inhaled. Do not apply on a windy day. Wear a facemask for extra protection.

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Organic, Diatomaceous Earth - food grade - OMRI Certified 5lbs.

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