Organic Hog Grower Pellets #648 2500lbs - Pallet
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2500lbs- 50 50lb bags on a pallet

Organic Hog Grower Pellets 15% Protein

Use: Hog grower pellets are a mid-range formula and can be used as a complete feed or to supplement a pasture program. Ingredients include OMRI certified mined trace minerals and organic herbs and oils.

Ingredients: Organic corn, organic wheat, organic soybean meal, organic wheat millrun, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, Redmond conditioner (clay), diatomaceous earth, organic kelp meal, Redmond salt, mineral & trace mineral premix, organic garlic granules, organic ground thyme, organic star anise oil, organic ground cinnamon, organic ground aniseed, organic rosemary oil

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein min 15%, crude fat min 2.9%, crude fiber max 4.6%, ash max 7.3%


Estimated Feed Ration                                    

Feed required, 44-270lbs: 750 to 800lbs per hog.

Growing pigs:

Weight 44 to 110lbs Daily feed: 4 to 5lbs

Finishing pigs

Weight 110 to 242lbs Daily feed: 5 to 6lbs

Weight 242 to 270lbs Daily feed: 7 to 8lbs


*Adjust up if weight gains are not as expected.


Storage: Feed is perishable. Store in a cool dry area.


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Organic Hog Grower Pellets #648 2500lbs - Pallet

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