Organic Poultry Broiler Finisher Pellets #6100 50lbs

Organic Poultry Broiler Finisher Pellets #6100 17% Protein

Estimate Ration:

About 10 to 20lbs per bird.


During the final period of feeding meat birds or for raising up pullets into layers, beyond 4 to 5 weeks of age, you can switch to these finisher pellets, which are formulated with more corn, to satisfy the energy needs of the broiler. This is also a great grow out feed for turkeys.


Organic corn, organic wheat, organic soybean meal, organic wheat millrun, limestone, organic flaxseed, Redmond conditioner (clay), monocalcium phosphate, organic kelp meal, Redmond salt, diatomaceous earth, DL Methionine, poultry vitamin & mineral premix, organic garlic granules, organic horseradish powder, organic star anise oil, organic juniper berry oil

Guaranteed analysis:

Crude protein min 17%, crude fat min 3.0%, crude fiber max 4.0%, ash max 7.9%

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Organic Poultry Broiler Finisher Pellets #6100 50lbs

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