Organic Sunflower Seed: black oil whole #073 25lbs

Organic Sunflower Seed: Black oil whole - 25 lb. bag - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Item #: #073

Whole seed feeding:

Sunflower can be used without any processing of the seeds. There appears to be no advantage in cracking or rolling sunflower seeds prior to feeding. Feeding sunflower seeds in a mixed ration eliminates any issues of feed preference or palatability.

Use during the colder winter months to add a boost of needed protein or as a treat all year long.

In the garden

Many clients use to plant in the garden, field or pasture.  Planting  in containers is stunning.


Fodder Systems: Sprouting seeds

Sprouts have a hearty and earthy flavor. Baby sunflower greens are a delicious addition to salads. Both are rich in nutrients and enzymes. There will be roots, this means they can be harvested more than once. When it is time to harvest, cut plants when 2-4 inches tall and they have green leaves. Cut the plants just above the surface leaving roots in soil to harvest again. 

Sprouting Seeds - Planting Instructions

Soak seeds for 12 hours and rinse. Place in warm area out of direct sunlight. Rinse 3 times a day. Sprouts are ready in 8-12 days. Store in a sealed bag in refrigerator, will keep for about a week.


Whole Sunflower Seed: Black oil





Feed is perishable. Store in a dry area away from insects and rodents. 

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  • Item #: #073

Organic Sunflower Seed: black oil whole #073 25lbs

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