Orlopp Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey

Orlopp Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey

This is your Thanks Giving, Christmas or any Holiday choice.  

The breed that established the premium niche turkey market began in 1935 when the Orlopp family purchased 400 bronze eggs from a farm in Washington State. The birds that produced these eggs originated in England and were exported to Canada before arriving in the United States. The Orlopp family continued to focus on breeding and management techniques to grow the finest quality birds. To further enhance the breed, the family acquired another bronze breed in 1954. Since purchasing this breed in 2005, Hybrid Turkeys has worked to preserve and strengthen the Orlopp breed by merging the best traits of the two bronze lines. That breed is now called ‘Orlopp Bronze’.

A great choice for meat! The Orlopp Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is fast growing and produces an ample supply of meat.

Perfect for raising your own bird to table, Sustainable living...

These birds are typically grown in large, fully automated grow-out barns, which house many birds. The growing process for these birds has been so well refined, the birds often grow to larger than 50+ lbs. Average birds are typically 38-40 lbs.






Because of their size, they are prone to health problems associated with being overweight (due to excess muscle), such as heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage; even if such turkeys are spared from slaughter (such as those involved in the annual turkey pardons), they usually have short lives as a result. 2 to 3 years hopefully...

For other Turkey breeds that may have longer lifepans and great family pets, Learn more [Here]



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Orlopp Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey

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