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Though special arrangements East County Zoo is able to offer some of the best quality organic feeds available.

Certified Organic Poultry Feed

Providing different types of poultry feeds to meet different lifecycle requirements. Certified organic herbs are used in all our poultry formulas. Many of our products take advantage of the powerful properties of garlic, anise oil, horseradish, and juniper berry oil.


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Organic Peas: whole #5857 50lbs Organic Sunflower Seed: black oil whole #073 25lbs Organic Flax Seed: whole #5949 50lbs
Organic Peas: whole #5857 50lbsOrganic Sunflower Seed: black oil whole #073 25lbsOrganic Flax Seed: whole #5949 50lbs
Organic Peas: whole - 50 lb. bag Ingredients: Whole Peas Seed Storage: Feed is perishable. Store in a dry area away from insects and rodents. *UPS and Pallet Shipping AvailableOrganic Sunflower Seed: Black oil whole - 25 lb. bag - CERTIFIED ORGANIC Item #: #073 Whole seed feeding: Sunflower can be used without any processing of the seeds. There appears to be no advantage in cracking or rolling sunflower seeds prior to...Organic Flax Seed 50lb Bag Ingredients: Whole Flax Seed Did you know? "YES", Many farmers also use these product to plant in the garden, field or pasture. Storage: Feed is perishable. Store in a dry area away from insects and rodents. *UPS and Pallet Shipping Available




Grit - #301 - Bird Health Blue 25lb Grit 25lbs- Pigeon mineral red - #302 Organic Peas: whole #5857 50lbs
Grit - #301 - Bird Health Blue 25lbGrit - Pigeon mineral red - #302 50lbOrganic Soybean Meal, mechanically pressed #5851 50lbs
Grit - Bird Health Blue Monterey Sand, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Ground Limestone, Salt, Cottonseed Meal, Defluorinated Phosphate, Cane Molasses, Mineral Oil, Iron Sulfate, Iron Oxide, Zinx Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Manganous Oxide,...Grit - Pigeon mineral red Use: Offer free-style feeding. Instead of offering the oyster shells and grit at certain times throughout the day, keep it available to your fowl all day long so they may consume it as needed. *UPS & Pallet Shipping AvailableOrganic soybean Meal, mechanically pressed - 50 lb. bag Ingredients: Organic Soybean Meal, mechanically pressed. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein min. 44.0% Crude Fat min. 6.1% Crude Fiber min. 7.3% Ash min. 6.8% *UPS and Pallet Shipping Available





Most feed products are available in 25 and 50 pound bio-degradable sacks.  Larger orders [2000lb Totoes & 2500lb Pallets] are available upon requests.

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Believing heavily in its partners. Many are certifying bodies or associations. Some are our suppliers. All are chosen based on their quality, credibility and reliability.

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