Redmond Equine Rock #5982 - (salt rock 7-10lbs each)
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Redmond Equine Rock #5982 - (salt rock 7-10lbs each)


Nature has it right™

When it comes to your horse’s health, we believe nature has it right. Redmond Rock is the perfect way to satisfy your horse’s instinct for natural salt and minerals — more than sixty minerals just the way nature made them, with a taste your horse will love. Redmond products are mined in America.

Redmond Equine Rock

is an all-natural equestrian salt mineral lick containing 60+ trace minerals. Horses love Redmond Rock, and horse owners love the improvements they’ve seen in their animals!

How long will it last?

That all depends on your horse. If your horse is in need of salt and minerals, chances are good that they are going to eat a significant amount of Redmond Rock before their body reaches a level of healthy maintenance. On average, a 9 lb Redmond Rock will last a horse about 3 months.



Product Description: Ancient Sea Salt With Natural Trace Minerals

In ancient times, a pristine sea evaporated leaving behind a rich mineral deposit deep within the earth in Southern Utah. Redmond Rock™ is a natural sea salt containing all the trace minerals present in that ancient sea. Due to intensive farming practices most soils have become depleted of these life giving minerals, and crops grown on these soils with common N-P-K fertilizer are mineral deficient too. Redmond Rock plays an important role in providing these essential trace minerals missing from many forages.After long experience providing our natural mineral salt to ranchers for their cattle and stock, we have received many testimonials of the health benefits of Redmond Rock. It is no surprise that health improves when mineral imbalances are corrected, nutritionists refer to these minerals as “essential” for a reason! Among the benefits commonly reported are: increased energy, greater endurance, healthier hooves, shinier coats, better hydration, and improved overall vitality. Horses thrive on the minerals Redmond Rock provides. In many cases, when given the rock for the first time, mineral deficient horses won’t leave it alone! The minerals in Redmond Rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. By including Redmond Rock as a free choice mineral supplement in their pasture or stall your horse will have access to the finest natural mineral source available, and in the form that the horse’s natural intelligence teaches him to seek.Whether you ride your horse competitively for show, eventing, or just take him on the trail for a brisk Saturday morning ride, Redmond Rock can help restore balance and improve the time you and your horse spend together.



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Redmond Equine Rock #5982 - (salt rock 7-10lbs each)

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