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Will need HEAT LAMP and brooder set-up.  Learn more [Here]


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Black Spanish Turkey Blue Slate Turkey Bourbon Red Turkey
Black Spanish TurkeyBlue Slate TurkeyBourbon Red Turkey

The Black , sometimes referred to as the Black Spanish or the Norfolk Black , is a breed of domestic turkey . The Black was developed in Europe from the Aztec turkeys originally brought from Mexico by Spanish explorers. Despite the monikers of...

While most early texts state that the Slate turkey originated from a cross of the Black turkey on a white turkey, there is little genetic evidence to support such a conclusion. The slate gene is a legitimate mutation that arose just as the gene...

The Bourbon Red is a breed of domestic turkey named for its unique reddish plumage and for Bourbon County, Kentucky. The breed's feathers are a dark base color, with white primaries in the tail characterized by a soft red band and white flight...




White Broad Breasted Turkey White Broad Breasted Turkey
Narragansett TurkeyRoyal Palm Turkey

Narragansett turkey is a breed of Meleagris gallopavo which descends from a cross between the eastern wild turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo silvestris ) and the domestic turkey . According to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy , the...

Royal Palm is a breed of domestic turkey . One of the few turkeys not primarily selected for meat production, the Royal Palm is best known as an ornamental bird with a unique appearance, largely white with bands of metallic black. Primarily kept...



Local pick-up by appointment only. Call/Text 619.201.5257

100% Live Gurantee!

Ever heard of the old saying "Don't count your chicks until they hatch?"  There are many reasons eggs dont hatch.  East County Zoo's hatch rate is extreamly high, we have you covered.  But, If the chick you prepaid for does not hatch out you will receive full refund or credit to another of choice.  

Guaranteed Hen/Female

East County Zoo can sex some breeds of Chicks/Ducklings on hatch day.  But, From time to time a purchaced hen will turn out to be a roo.  If this happens, please bring back to exchange for a replacement chick/Duckling or credit towards a bird of choice.  Unless a Roo/Drake/Male purchaced or any breed that only sells as Straight-Run.

Act-of-Poult Gurantee

If your chick gets sick or dies with-in a week, East County Zoo will replace with another chick or credit towards another.  Act-of-duckling not act of dog/cat/preditor/Etc...

Additional Service

The service continues long after you get your new chicks home.  There is plenty of information on the East County Zoo's site.  But, if for any reason you need additional help please contact us at any time by Call/Text/Email...