Swedish Duck
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The Swedish Blue (Swedish: Svensk blå anka) or Blue Swedish)

is a breed of domesticated duck which emerged during the 19th century in Swedish Pomerania, near the Baltic shores of what is now modern Germany and Poland. Within the American Standard of Perfection, the "blue" is the only variety of the breed "Swedish"

The Swedish Blue is a relatively unpopular breed of duck. The population of Swedish blue ducks in Sweden consists of only 148 breeding birds; its conservation status world-wide was listed as "critical" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2007  and in 2014 was listed as "endangered-maintained" in Sweden.  No data is reported from Ireland, the only other country reporting the breed.  It is listed as "watch" by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. 

Swedish Blue ducks are very calm birds and make good beginner's ducks.


The Swedish Blue is a medium-sized bird: the male weighs between 3–4 kg and the female usually weighs 2.5–3.5 kg.


They produce 100 eggs per year of 80–90 g weight. They love to free range and will go broody.

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Swedish Duck

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