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Chick, Black Sumatra Chick, Cream Legbar
Chick, Black SumatraChick, Cream Legbar

Age: Day+ old Gender: Straight Run males/females Size: Standard Black Sumatra The Sumatra is a breed of chicken native of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. These chickens were originally imported from Sumatra in 1847 to the U.S. and Europe as...

DAY OLD CHICK Size: Standard History The Legbar was the second autosexing chicken breed created by Prof. Punnett and M. Pease at the Genetical Institute in Cambridge, after the Cambar, which was created in 1929 by crossing Barred Plymouth Rock...



Typically Takes 21 days to hatch out plus time to gather the eggs.

But we may have incubators hatching out the breed type you want as early as a few days.  Please let us know if we can help find the best hatch date that works for you.


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