Waterer, Plastic 1 Gallon with lid
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Poultry Waterer

  • This Item is the 1 Gallon Nipple System with open top
  • Hanging hook not included
  • Clear or white misprinted, never used, 1 gallon container


Product Description: 

The best Poultry waterer available; keeps birds from drinking contaminated water by keeping the water protected from droppings and debris. The field-tested design allows birds easy access to clean water. Special valves allow for on demand watering right into the bird’s mouth, so that there’s no waste, which means less time refilling the water container. 

  • ·         Keeps water free of dirt and droppings with no messy parts to wash out
  • ·         Works excellent for all types of poultry, including: chickens, turkeys, quail, pheasant, ducks, and geese, even baby birds     
  • ·         Bird’s natural attraction to the bright colors allows the birds to quickly learn to drink from the red colored poultry nipples
  • ·         Optional to hang or set on ledge/block/wall
  • ·         Simple to set up and easy to clean


Why Plastic?

Galvanized containers pose dangers to humans and animals. One risk is that a galvanized metal container is prone to leaching of heavy metals. Zinc poisoning can occur from storing food and water in galvanized containers. Even if the container is not heated, metal leaching occurs, making the food and water poisonous. The FDA has already banned use of galvanized food containers for human use due to the heavy metal toxicity and health risks associated with them.


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Waterer, Plastic 1 Gallon with open top

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