East County Zoo offers a variety of Poultry, Organic Feed & Products

Lakeside 92040, East County San Diego California.


 Our mission is to not only provide some of the best choices in poultry, Eggs, chicks, hens and roosters but to be a step above and make sure to continue our friendly service with your needs after...


From fertile eggs to chicks day+ old and older available for local pick-up or free shipping nation wide.

We also provide 100% organic feed and supplies for your poultry and livestock needs.

All though we work on a closed BIO-SECURE farm system to ensure a safe & healthy environment for the flock, we do accept appointments for local pick-ups.

Please let us know how we can help you.

Thank you,
Aaron Hollins



As a child raised poultry...

1999 Started again as a hobby while gardening in the yard.

2005 Established. Hatching and Raising a large variety of Poultry.

2008 Shipping live day old chicks nationwide.

2013 Offering one of the best 100% Organic feeds and products.

2015 Breeding East County Zoo Slow Grow Broilers &  Offering Broiler eggs



If you would like to donate to the East County Zoo Poultry and Livestock we thank you.  100% of the donations go to the poultry and livestock needs...